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Travelling Post-Covid: A Guide

While travelling in the "new normal" will require a bit more organisation, our handy guide will help ensure you can take the stress out of your planning.

In the midst of all the excitement packing for holidays, it’s easy to miss out some essentials, Travel Genie’s top tip, make a list!

In an ever-changing world, traveling Post-Covid presents a different challenge for most of us. Just when we thought there were enough things to check off our list, before leaving home for the airport, we now have to familiarize ourselves with the Covid rules or restrictions of the country we plan to travel to. We also have to ensure we fulfill the entry requirements for our holiday destination which will normally take the form of presenting a vaccination certificate or a negative PCR test or proof of recovery, upon entry.

“Staycations have been extremely popular but the demand for foreign holidays with guaranteed sun in 2022, has already soared”

There are a lot of websites out there that we can use to familiarise ourselves with exactly what we need to do. Some of the “go to” would be or the Department of Foreign Affairs ( or All are updated regularly and should be checked in advance of travel.

It’s also important to check the details of your travel insurance policy, some will have medical cover included for Covid-19, others will not.

With most of the popular destinations, for Irish holidaymakers, starting to get back to some sort of normality, 2022 will see people travelling abroad in their masses again.

Staycations have been extremely popular but the demand for foreign holidays, with guaranteed sun in 2022, has already soared.

Before You Go








​Required Vaccinations

Covid Vaccination Certificate



Covid Requirements

Negative PCR may be required




Boarding Pass

Beach Towel

Print Your Documents

Mobile Phone, Charger & Adapter

Sun Cream/After Sun

Book Excursions


Sun Hat

Book Transfers



Check Suitcases

Local Currency (where applicable)

Hair Brush/Comb


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