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Top 10 Beaches in Europe

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

Whatever your definition of an ultimate beach is, Europe has incredible beaches to suit all tastes. From the picture postcard Spanish mainstays to jaw dropping hidden gems in Ireland and Norway, the Travel Genie has one that will get you excited.

1. Playa De Ses Illetes, Spain

With Carribbean style waters and sweeping lengths of powder white sand, Playa De Ses Illetes is a jewel in the Trucador Peninsula. This beach name means "beach of the small islands" has beautiful vistas of the nearby islands.

2. Navagio Beach, Greece

One of the most instantly recognizable beaches on our list, Navagio Beach in Zakynthos is famed for its mighty cliffs, crystal clear water and shipwrecked boats. It's no secret that this beach, due to it's beauty, can get very busy but if you stay clear of high season you can still enjoy this majestic beach.

3. Murderhole Beach, Donegal, Ireland

This is one for the nature loving adventurers. Murderhole Beach (real name Boyeeghter Bay) is an incredible secluded beach in Donegal. Famed for its Instagram ready views, this beach requires a bit of effort to locate but is worth the trip. Note: This beach is all about the views, swimming is not recommended due to dangerous currents and you should always check the tide times before visiting.


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